The Dark Moon

Awake! Awake my children!

The time has come, the moon is hidden.. 

We gather in darkness to honor our beloved, our Ancestors of blood and of bone. 

Where hungry spirits gather, beneath the ground they growl. Hungry and thirsty, awaiting their bounty. Honor them and give offering, for the Mighty Dead  are not to be ignored. 

When the moon is hidden, the door is open, between two realms we walk. Now is the time, open your mind, allow the darkness to enter. Open your heart, the darkness takes root. 

Feed your shadows, the darkest part of your soul. Look within your own darkness, accept without doubt what lurks there. Turn away from the fire, peer into the night. With open arms welcome the Dark One. 

Fear engulfs your body as the the Man in Black appears, down at the crossroads, he waits. Walk with him, he has much to share. Of worlds and magick, of spirits and spells. Listen to him, for he can take you into the depth of the night…for a price. The pact is made, no going back. Relinquish the light. Give into his siren call.

Know that to be a Witch, one must first die. To be reborn in shadow. Half-alive, half-dead, split between two worlds, this and the next. To always walk where spirits play, to be a Witch this is the way. The way of the outcast, the condemned and the damed. Calling out to the void, a sinner’s prayer you say,  “Guide me O’Hecate!”, show me the way. 

The dark moon is upon us. We must make hast, the door is opened, we won’t delay. Gather together, honor your kin. For spirits come forth to bring you in. The Dark Mother reigns, her presence is heavy, respect she commands. Her velvety cloak casts out the light, can you feel her near? Give to her your troubles, your woes and strife, for she is the consumer of all things, and the creator of new life. Cleanse yourself, banish the ills, allow her to consume and create you. Her love is not kind, but it is endearing. Her dance is slow, but not easy. Her lessons hard, but invaluable. Approach her with an open heart and ask. For She is the beginning and the end.

She embraces you.

Ride the night my child, fly high! Calling to spirits, the nameless ones, the night.. wild and lawless you are, child of the night! Never to be tamed, you soar!

The Dark Moon is one of my favorite times of the month. It’s a time to honor our Ancestors, the chthonic aspect of the deity(ies) you worship. Invoke the circle in widdershins, leave offerings on your Ancestral altar, or at the crossroads. Call upon the spirits of caves,wells, hollow trees, and graves. Rejoice in the darkness, drink it in. It is a time of necromancy, mediumship, cursing, break curses, banishing, and exorcism.

Perhaps you want to ride yourself of a nasty or harmful habit? Banish it. Want to talk to sweet and dearly departed Aunt Sue? Give her an offering of her favorite candy (or if she’s like some of my Ancestors, a shot of her favorite whiskey and a Marlboro) and ask her to speak with you.

Make sure your circle is extra protected and that you only allow in those spirits you call forth yourself, carry a protective charm or amulet, and have some good understanding of spirit release and banishment if you plan to invoke or welcome spirits into your Dark Moon circle. Just as your dear Aunt Sue can come through the door, so can the nasty guys. So, know your shit before you let company in. Remember, a witch never summons more devils than she can banish!

The Dark Moon is a great time to celebrate and honor death, just as we honor life.

Happy Darkness my friends!


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