A witchy questionnaire?

I’ve seen this floating around for awhile, so I decided to fill it out, because you would love to know more about me, right?

Just.. entertain my attention-seeking ass.

1. What kind of witch are you? The non-warty kind? Lol, I label myself as a non-Wiccan witch.

2. How did you discover your path? Oh my, it’s been about twenty-odd years in the making. I basically fooled around with various systems and cherry-picked the parts I like best from each one, mixed together in a large bowl, and viola!

3. How long have you been practicing? Nearly all my damned life. Probably since around 8 or 9. I would mix little potions up in the back yard and run around with a broom between my legs, that counts huh?

4. What path/tradition do you follow? Not a particular path. I practice my own form of Traditional Craft. I’m also an animist, so that gets thrown in the pot too.

5. Are you solitary or do you have a coven? Both I suppose. I am a member of a Coven in my local area. We are an eclectic bunch, but I really feel like it’s my tribe of fellow weirdos who dance and worship together under the moon. We had some structure but mainly we each do our own thing. I am practice extensively on my own and with the odd friend now and then.

6. Do you practice divination? If so, what techniques? Yes. I read Tarot.

7. Do/would you teach and practice witchcraft to your children? I do not have children, but if I did I’m not sure I would teach them religion. I would teach them respect for nature and then encourage them to seek out the Divine on their own.

8. Do you have a patron/major deity? I talk to Hecate a lot and Diana.

9. Favorite pantheon? Greek

10. Favorite goddess? Hecate and Diana

11. Favorite god? Apollo and I have consorted with Hades a time or two.

12. Your sun sign? Aries

13. Your moon sign? Leo

14. Do you have a familiar? There’s a fat old cat who hangs around my house, maybe she’s my familiar. But I think she’s just here because I feed her.

15. Thoughts on the afterlife? I think that once we drop our bodies (a term my good friend uses to describe dying) we head back to the Otherside, get our shit together, and then jump right back in another body.

16. Have you had any paranormal experiences? I am a paranormal experience.

17. Are you out of the broom closet? If so, how do your friends/family feel about your path? A few of my non-witch friends and family know what I do. But mainly I don’t talk about it. Some of my best friends don’t know that I’m a witch, they just think I’m weird.

18. What is something that inspires you? The moon.

19. Do you have an altar? Yes.

20. What’s a spell that you’ve done?  Why do you ask such hard questions on a Thursday. I’ve done so many I can’t remember them all. But if you must know, click here.

21. Do you have a totem animal? If so, what is it? When I journey I use a Crow and a Stag for protection.

22. Favorite pagan holiday that you celebrate?  Samhain or Beltane.

23. Do you meditate?  Not as much as I should.

24. Have you gone to a psychic/tarot reader/reiki master/healer/etc?  Yep.

25. What are some witch books that have influenced you? The writings of Nigel Jackson, Robert Cochrane, Sybil Leek, Doreen Valiente, and Scott Cunningham.

26. Favorite witch websites? www.sarahannelawless.com She is simply amazing!

27. Favorite witch movie? The Craft. Shut your face, I’m a 90’s kid.

28. Favorite mythological animal? A unicorn.

29. Favorite season?  Fall

30. Favorite herb? I can only seem to grow Rosemary successfully. I love Belladonna too.

31. Favorite gem? Tiger’s Eye or Carnelian

32. Rune of your choice? I have no idea.

33. Tarot card of your choice? High Priestess

34. Symbol/sigil of your choice?  I like the Pentagram. And the Veve for Papa Legba.

35. Your athame (or one you want). I have a knife that my grandfather constructed, so I use that. I also have an athame dedicated to Hecate.

36. Your wand (or one you want).  I don’t have or use one.

37. Your cauldron (or one you want).  I have a small one to burn incense in and a larger one for ritual use.

38. Your book of shadows (or one you want).  I just write random tidbits down in a notebook. I don’t keep a book of shadows.

39. Your tarot deck(s) (or one you want).   I have a Rider Waite deck that was give to me in  the traditional way. Meaning it was stolen and then given to me. I have had it since I was 12. I have a couple of others, but primarily read with my Rider Waite deck.


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