You can Fly! You can Fly! You can Fly!


“Up on their brooms the Witches stream,
Crooked and black in the crescent’s gleam;
One foot high, and one foot low,
Bearded, cloaked, and cowled, they go.”

– Walter de la Mare

Tonight marks May Eve. In Germanic folklore it is referred to as Walpurgisnacht or Hexennacht which literally means “witches night”.

It’s a night to fly my pretties! It’s believed that this night witches would fly off to the sabbat to dance, merry make, consort with all sorts of devilish characters, and fuck, all before the sun rose on May Day. I plan on using this wonderfully seductive flying ointment tonight to celebrate. Slap on some ointment, a bit of drumming, and some dancing and off you go! Oh how I long to run wild through the forests tonight.

It’s also a night to lite bonfires and to leave out offerings to the Good Folk. Tomorrow you might be lucky enough to spot on of them, but be wary of being courted off to their kingdom. The Fey are tricksters and mischievous after all! Best to leave out some milk and honey tonight.

Safe flights my darlings! See you at the sabbat!

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