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It’s in the cards…

I received my Eartbound Oracle deck today, andI’m a little more than excited about this! 

It simple yet beautiful deck and I just can’t wait to get down to business with it. In getting to know the deck this evening I asked it what I can do and was told the above. Seems fitting! 

As I discover more about this deck I will share my experiences, but for now I’ve got some bonding to do!

4 thoughts on “It’s in the cards…

  1. I love it when the messages are clear that way!
    I don’t use my runes very often (I prefer Oracles or Tarots) but once, I did a reading with them and the runes I got spelled “FOK”! Not nearly as nice a message to get as the one you got here, but pretty clear too!

    1. This is my first oracle deck. I’ve had my beloved tarot cards for nearly 20 years. I tried reading runes… Like really really tried… But I could never do much with them. I had some luck with tea leaves but I’ve always felt more connected with the cards.

      As for the oracle deck, I’ve had the chance to do a few readings since I posted this and so far so good!

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