Rambling on a cold evening…

I’ve been busy. So busy in fact, that every time I have sat down to write some great and inspiring-uber-occult and badass post, I’ve been called away.  Life has taken me away from my writings and onto other obligations this season. As life so tends to do.

Also, I’ve been busy fucking practicing witchcraft, as opposed to merely writing about it.

Samhain came and it was a great time. It’s my favorite time of year. Ancestors were honored, rituals were held, candy was ate by the bags, and offerings were laid. Samhain with my coven was an emotionally-driven event and I bet there wasn’t one person in attendance who didn’t shed at least one tear for the dead. We laughed and told stories of our loved ones, we cried, lite candles, feasted, cried some more, and mostly importantly, we ensured their memory will live on forever. I think there is no greater way to honor your dead than to set around a table and share your favorite stories. Especially if it is in the company of your fellow witches. No offering of tobacco or honey has the same effect.

November was crazy and busy and went by terribly fast. My tribe held their annual pow wow, so I was able to visit with some family and friends who I might only see once a year. We were able to catch-up about the previous year, take some family photos, and just enjoy each other’s company. My beloved grandmother’s sister won our elder princess title. Bringing honor to the family y’all!  Pow wow is always a special time for me and this year was no different.

My great aunt bringing honor to the family!

I just returned from the mountains for my annual family vacation. There is such a magic in the Smokies. I always feel at home in those hills and alive. My fingers literally tingle with energy the entire time I’m there. Even amongst the tragedy of the recent wildfires, the place is as magical and enchanting as ever. I’ll be missing it all year.

While plundering during some gun-crazed, ammo abundant, and knife-wielding store that my brother-in-law just had stop by, I found a little section devoted to stones and crystals. Imagine this witch’s shock to find that they had the metaphysical uses for their stones labeled on the display case.

So, along with rituals, family visits, overeating, and traveling, I’ve still managed to get down and dirty with some witchcraft. I’ve been leaving my offerings, talking and thinking a lot about the crossroads, and visiting with a spirit or two.

The dark half of the year is best spent working with the spirit and underworlds. And leaving offerings and tokens to old woman in her wintery cape. She has certainly made her presence known here in South Alabama.

I think she found her whiskey.



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