Time makes you bolder…

….children get older, I’m getting older too.

This post really doesn’t have much to do with witchcraft, but more about finding yourself and rambling about my personal life in general. If you’re still interested, I’d love your comments!

Recently, after years of renting, I purchased my first home. It was actually the first house I saw while house hunting. The numerology added up and all the astrological correspondences were fitting, I had to make sure that pesky Mercury wasn’t in retrograde. I even had a dream about a black snake shedding its skin and an eclipse, so I knew I was making the right choice. Plus, when I first walked into the house, it felt like “home” to me. So I rolled up my sleeves, mustered up some bravery, and signed a mortgage.

It’s amazing as how we grow that our ideals and aspirations change. I remember during my teen years being terrified of waking up in a house with a white picket fence. The damn house has a white picket fence! I suppose I was rebelling against the social norms and expectations laid before me. Now as I am settling into my thirties, I realize that I didn’t need to rebel, but rather make those so-called expectations my own.

I have also always been a solitary practitioner and only worked with the occasional friend or two, but never in a group. I can recall claiming I would never, ever, not in a million years, join a coven. Group work wasn’t for me and I was hell bent about not abding by the rules of someone else. But here I am, in a coven in my local area, and have recently taken a leadership role. And loving it.

When did I become an adult?

Some may say that I sold out and forgot my precious “youth-in-revolt” ideals. Some may call me Judas or even compare it to Dylan going electric. But I don’t believe it’s either of those, I believe I found my footing in life and have decided to make those social norms my own. I still have my values and (adaptable) morals  I’m still the same freedom loving, traveler whose dream was to live on a rooftop somewhere in SoCal, I just have a bigger house and more responsibilities in my pagan community.

I suppose what I am trying to say is, make the status-quo yours. Sometimes it’s ok to hold onto traditions, as long as you still have your own sense of self.

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