A Midsummer’s Storm

I wish I could say I spent today outdoors, soaking up the sun and basking in the Summer’s warm embrace. I wish could report that I was out collecting dew at dawn and happened upon a fey or two.  Or that I spent the day lounging on the beach, whispering a welcome to the Sun.

But no, none of that happened, instead I spent most of the day looking at the local radar at work and then a good chunk of the afternoon stranded in a stairwell waiting for the tornadoes to pass. Tropical Storm Cindy is battering down on the Gulf Coast and any hope of outdoor merriment was deterred by flash floods, pissing-down rain, and tornado sirens.

I did stumble upon some weather-lore for June at the Farmer’s Almanac site, it’s worth a read!

And during all the excitement about the impending storm, I nearly convinced my sister to dance naked in her garden while saddling a broom to help with fertility. She and her husband have been trying to conceive, so I figured what the hell could a little fertlity broom riding hurt? It’d help with the Harvest too!  But, her square Southern Baptist ass backed out- sometimes it’s hell being one of the few heathens in your family.

Bright Stormy Solstice Blessing to all y’all!


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