The Silent Night

Yuletide greetings my dear ones!

I hope this post finds you well and in the throws of seasonal joy! I would hope any gifts you intend to give have been bought and are wrapped neatly under your holiday tree. I hope your eggnog has been spiked with just the right amount of spirits and that you haven’t cussed out any difficult family members!

The Deep South was treated with a rare snow day a couple of weeks ago. And of course, the town shut down considering us good southern folk have no idea how to act during such an occurrence and immediately begin to lose our shit when we see a single snowflake.

The snow fell into the night and into the early morning hours. As I walked, giddily mind you, through the snow and taking pics I noticed how quiet the world seemed at that time. I live on a fairly busy street and cars pass all during the night, except for tonight. It was eerily silent and the snow softly fell to the ground. It was is I had stepped into the in-between, not quite here and not quite there. An overlapping of the worlds. A common sense during this season as we emerge out of the darkness to be reborn in the light as the solstice passes.

As I continued my midnight and snowy stroll about, I began to realize that I wasn’t alone. Spirits of land and bone were watching and observing, I felt the dark one upon me and I swear, for the briefest of moments, I spied him out of the corner of my eye. Perched atop a church, devilishly grinning. Old Woman had also made her presence known in my small Alabama town, and her demands of whiskey did not go unmet. I thanked her for the snow and for not outstaying her welcome.


Finding the light in the dark…

Tonight marks the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. As we prepare to enter the dark, we are reminded that it is always the darkest before the light. on this night we gather to light the bonfires that will help the Sun return and to help the light grow stronger and stronger. Darkness isn’t to be feared dear ones, it is to be respected and trusted. The darkness takes away your fears, your trespasses, and your misgivings. Tonight write all that you wish to leave behind on a piece of paper and feed it to the fire. As the paper burns away, so does your bad habits, toxic relationships, doubts, and everything else you rather not drag into the new year. This past year has been difficult for many. Lives were lost, relationships died, trust was broken, and the world wept far too much. Tonight is a good time to left it all go, to be cleansed, and to be reborn my dear just as the Sun is!

Psst… they say a sprig of holly thrown onto the Yule log with burn away your trouble’s from the past year.

Blessings of the season to you,
The Witch

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