Meet the witch!

Hey ya’ll- I figure since you are taking the time to read my ramblings, much appreciated mind you, you would like to know more about the witch.

I’m a wanderer, part Native American, part European witch living in the Southern United States. I enjoy tarot card readings, whispering to the Moon, story-tellings, folk magic, sweet tea, ghost hunting, and front porch gossiping. Oh, and fried chicken.

I worship Stevie Nicks.

As an animist and nature lover, I work closely with my ancestors and the spirits of the land that surround my rural home. I’m a traditional witch, who throughly enjoys offering whiskey and cigarettes to appease my dead kin along with a drop or two of blood. I’m very fond of pissing in bottles, datura, and visiting cemeteries at midnight.

Alongside being a witch, I am a medium and psychic as well. My momma always said I had the Sight, being born with a caul, but that’s another story…

I have decided to keep a certain degree of anonymity, because life is better with a little mystery after all! So, I won’t be using my real name, or post a photo of myself on this site. If you crave more witchy goodness from me, you can check out the page I contribute to on Facebook book called The Baga Yaga Kitchen Witch Revival. It’s a charming page dedicated to Baba Yaga, granny witches, and tidbits of folk magic.

-The Witch

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